Custom Synthesis

SPS EUROCHIM accepts orders for the synthesis of chemical compounds according to requirements and specifications of customers.

Development and optimization of processes comprises a complete cycle of the following procedures:

  1. Literature review and patent search.
  2. Construction of pilot research plants for a specific chemical process.
  3. Selection of concentrations of reacting agents, catalysts, etc.
  4. Determination and optimization by thermal effects.
  5. Determination of mechanisms of target and side reactions by means of the standard methods of physical organic chemistry (determination of activation parameters, kinetic methods of research, determination of acidity function, separation and determination of by-product structure, etc.).
  6. Revealing parameters, which influence the selectivity of organic reactions on the basis of obtained results. Process adjustment on pilot plants.
  7. Optimization of physical and chemical methods of product separation.

Examples of conducted chemical reactions:

  1. Electrophilic and radical halogenation.
  2. Alkylation and acidylation of aromatic compounds, alcohols, amines, etc.
  3. Preparation of esters.
  4. Condensation of carbonyl compounds.
  5. Electrophilic aromatic substitution (acidylation, nitridation, bromation, sulphonation, etc.).
  6. Various syntheses involving the use of phase-transfer catalysis.
  7. Oxidation and reduction of organic compounds.
  8. Hydrogenation with metal hydrides and heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation with gaseous hydrogen.
  9. Stereoselective synthesis.
  10. Reactions for the selective formation of a carbon skeleton (Grignard, Wittig, Suzuki, Heck reactions, etc.).
  11. Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.
  12. Polymerization reactions of various types, including highly selective polymerization (RAFT – reversible addition-fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization, ATRP – atom transfer radical polymerization).
  13. Chemical modification of polymers.
  14. Synthesis of complex copolymers.
Custom Synthesis
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