Decomposition of Oxygen-Containing By-Products of Petrochemical Production

Staff members of SPS EUROCHIM developed the technology of thermocatalytic decomposition of oxygen-containing by-products with the use of in-house solid catalysts К-15 and К-18. This technology is universal and can be adapted for the processing of oxygen-containing by-products of various kinds of petrochemical production.

It is possible to obtain both starting materials and target products of synthesis in the decomposition process.

Application of the technology significantly reduces specific consumption of raw materials per ton of the target product, which improves the technical and economic indicators of the entire production.

The technology was successfully tested in respect to the following processes:

  1. Production of isoprene from isobutylene and formaldehyde;
  2. Production of phenol and acetone;
  3. Production of styrene and propylene oxide.

The total yield of useful products from 1 ton of processed by-products may reach 85%.

Decomposition of Oxygen-Containing By-Products of Petrochemical Production
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