Polymer Chemistry

In addition to classical organic synthesis, SPS EUROCHIM conducts research in the field of polymer chemistry.

This focus area includes:

  1. Development of the technology for preparation of highly cross-linked styrene-divinylbenzene microspheres used as a basis for the production of sorbents for high-performance liquid chromatography.
  2. Development of methods for modification of polymer particles by means of the controlled polymerization RAFT (reversible addition-fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization), ATRP (atom transfer radical polymerization), etc.

Characteristics of polymeric sorbents

Degree of cross-linking: up to 80%.
Polydispersity index in the interval: 1.03 – 1.15.
Size from 2.5 to 3.5 microns.
Gauge pressure – up to 200 atm.

Modification of polymeric sorbents

The developed surface modification methods allow to grow polymers of various chemical nature (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, ion-exchange, optically active) on particle surface.
Hydrophilic surface of particles allows using them for protein separation.

Particles with linear polyacrylamide chemically bonded to the surface
Particles with linear polyacrylamide chemically bonded to the surface
Polymer Chemistry
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