The laboratory of SPS EUROCHIM is outfitted with modern equipment necessary to perform synthesis and analysis. In addition, our specialists have successful experience of development and construction of equipment for solving individual tasks according to projects of customers.

Basic Equipment

  1. Glass and stainless reactors with the volume from 10 to 100 liters.
  2. Titanium reactors with the volume of 150 liters.
  3. Polymeric reactors with the volume of up to 800 liters.
  4. Sealed equipment for working with unstable substances, for example, especially sensitive to traces of atmospheric moisture and oxygen of air.
  5. Laboratory magnetic and mechanical stirrers.
  6. Thermostats and cryostats for working at temperatures from -40 to 200 °C.
  7. Ball mills.

Substance Separation Equipment

  1. Glass, ceramic, polypropylene filters with the volume of up to 30 liters.
  2. Rotary evaporators with the volume of up to 20 liters.
  3. Periodic and continuous rectification columns with efficiency of up to 50 theoretical trays.
  4. Vacuum pumps for distillation in high vacuum (up to 0,001 mm of mercury), measurement equipment for defining residual pressure in the interval from 10-1 to 105 Pa.

Equipment for Operations under Pressure

Units of periodic and continuous operation allowing to perform processes at temperatures of up to 350 °C and pressure of up to 250 atm.

Customized equipment constructed by staff members

When solving issues related to the synthesis of chemicals, there is a regular need to construct unique units of periodic and continuous operation. Our staff members build laboratory units and devices allowing to cope with tasks, which cannot be handled by means of standard equipment.

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