Production of Phenol And Acetone, Bisphenol A

SPS EUROCHIM upgraded the technology for the production of phenol from cumene hydroperoxide for the company SABIC Innovative Plastics and a number of Russian companies.

We developed a new catalyst for the decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide.


  1. Reduced impurity formation;
  2. Improved quality of phenol;
  3. Low cost.

Thermal cracking of phenol resin is also developed and implemented.


  • The yield of useful products: phenol, cumene, alpha-methylsterol, acetophenone – up to 550 kg out of 1 ton of phenol resin;
  • Waste reduction by 50%.

We developed the method of on-line analysis of technological flow composition via spectrophotometer.


  • Continuous analysis of component content in flows;
  • Improvement of production control and process safety;
  • Reduction of expenses on reagents and working time of employees.
Production of Phenol And Acetone, Bisphenol A
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