Scientific and technical activities

Scientific and technical activities are the leading area of focus at SPS EUROCHIM. The research department consists of highly qualified specialists, Candidates and Doctors of Science.

SPS EUROCHIM renders services related to performance of scientific research, development of technological processes, technical and engineering support in the area of production of various chemical products.

Current focus areas in terms of development and improvement of technologies

Focus areas of technology development in the area of fine organic chemistry, including polymer chemistry

  • Organic compounds with various functional groups and structural elements
  • Special monomers
  • Polymeric compounds
  • Monodisperse particles on the basis of polystyrene and acrylic polymers
  • Particle surface modification

Our goals:

  • Guaranteed high quality of final products.
  • Environmental safety of production processes and reduction of hazardous influence on the environment.
  • Reduced consumption of raw materials.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Efficient process control.
  • Providing intellectual property protection for our technologies.

Employees of SPS EUROCHIM developed and implemented 25 technologies for the production of chemical products.

Examples of technologies implemented by SPS EUROCHIM:

  • Technology of liquid-phase synthesis of isoprene. Licenser.

    Related technologies:
          - Technology for decompounding of oxygen-containing by-products.
          - Process for the production of tert-butyl alcohol.

  • Technology for the production of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). Licenser.
  • Technology for thermocatalytic decomposition of phenol resins. Licenser.
  • Production of antiseptics – boric acid esters based on by-products of isoprene production. Licenser.
  • Production of calcium-boron-phosphate catalysts for the decompounding of acetals, alcohols, acids. Licenser.
  • Technology for preparation of highly cross-linked styrene-divinylbenzene microspheres used as a basis for the production of sorbents for liquid chromatography. Licenser.
Scientific and technical activities
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