Synthetic Rubbers

  • Rubbers of Russian manufacture
    Rubber BK-1675 N Togliatti
    Rubber BNKS-18 AMN
    Rubber BNKS-18 AMN Group 1
    Rubber BNKS-18 AN
    Rubber BNKS-28 AMN
    Rubber BNKS-28 AMN Group 1
    Rubber BNKS-28 AN
    Rubber BNKS-40 AMN
    Rubber BNKS-40 AN
    Rubber BR
    Rubber SKI-3
    Rubber SKMS-30 ARKM-15
    Rubber SKN-26 PVC 30 Group 1
    Rubber SKS-30 ARK grade B
    Rubber SKS-30 ARKM-15 grade B
    Rubber SKS-30 ARKPN
    EPDM rubber
  • Chloroprene rubbers (China)
    Chloroprene rubber CR232/SN232
Synthetic Rubbers
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