Supplies of chemical raw materials

We provide packaged supplies of chemical raw materials for various branches of industry. Our sales geography covers the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Our capabilities allow both building regular container supply chains and satisfying particular needs in individual kilograms of unique products.


Quality control of chemical raw materials on the basis of our own laboratory, including incoming inspection, sampling, storage of “arbitration samples” (upon agreement with the customer);

Highly qualified specialists in the field of chemistry with extensive work experience, including experience in laboratory research, production and technological process management;

Experience in selecting analogues of chemical raw materials subjected to sanctions, as well as experience in implementing such analogues in production, assistance in development and implementation of changes in technological processes;

Efficient development, which includes a combination of an intensive and an extensive approach, allows the Group of Companies Eurochim to remain a leader in the field of chemical product supply;

The traditional approach to the selection of suppliers and quality control of supplied products is combined with modern technologies and automated solutions for supply chain management, as well as a remote addressing of all procurement and logistics tasks;

Constant increase in the range of supplied products, as well as distribution agreements with manufacturers of chemical raw materials from India, Brazil, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand.


Supplies of chemical raw materials
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