Polymer chemistry

Apart from classic organic synthesis, SPS «EUROCHIM» conduct researches in polymer chemistry and material chemistry.

This direction comprises:

  1. Development of the technology for production of highly cross-linked styrene-divinylbenzene microspheres, used as template for manufacture of HLPC sorbents.

At the moment the technology is at the stage of final pre-sales trials.

  1. Development of modification methods for polymer particles by methods of controlled polymerization RAFT, ATRP etc.

Polymer sorbents description

Cross-linking degree: up to 80%.

Polydisperse index within the range: 1.03-1.15.

Size between 2.5 and 3.5 µm.

Extreme pressure – up to 200 atm.

Polymer sorbents modification

The developed methods of surface modification allow to grow polymers of different chemical nature on the surface of particles – hydrophobic, hydrophilic, ion-exchange and optically active.

The figure shows particles with grafted polyacrylamide. Hydrophilic surface of particles allows to use them for proteins separation.