Customized equipment

Flow unit for chemical conversions under pressure

1. Maximum operating temperature up to 2200С.
2. Maximum pressure up to 16 atm.
3. Reactor is made of corrosion resistant material incoloy 825.
4. Reactor volume – 400 ml.
5. 4 inputs. Feed flow rate up to 1000 ml/h.

Unit for studies of kinetics and reaction mechanisms, refining the processes for obtaining organic substances

1. Possibility to use the reactors separately.
2. Software control of dosing pumps with additional control of mass flow feed rate.
3. Flow analysis of multi-component reaction mass in situ by method of IR spectroscopy in neighboring IR area on Guided-Wave 412 device.
4. irculation rate of the first reactor loop: up to 1000 ml/h.
5. Feed flow rate 1-50 ml/h.
6. Catalyst flow rate 1-40 mcl/h.
7. Operating temperature of the first stage reactor – up to 1500С, second stage reactor – up to 1600С.