Sampling production

Experience in complex problem solving:

1. Optimization of synthesis methods and synthesis of monomers of different classes. We have gained experience of working with slightly stable substances and developed methods of their separation.
2. Optimization and development of substituted phenols and polyphenols with controlled content of micro-impurities, including substances used as analytical standards.
3. Development of the technology and production of sample batches of carboxyanhydrides of aminoacids, resulting in wide experience in handling and purifying of substances, slightly stable in atmospheric conditions; working experience in inert atmosphere. 

Other tasks comprising different types of organic reactions:

1. Electrophilic chlorination of alkenes by gaseous chlorine (unit capacity 3 mol/h).
2. Suzuki reaction.
3. Electrophilic substitution in aromatic nucleus (acylation, nitration, bromation, sulfation etc.).
4. Different syntheses based on inter-phase catalysis.
5. Different syntheses with formation and disclosure of oxiranes.
6. Wittig reaction and its modifications, including E/Z-selective versions.
7. Recovery of nitroaromatic compounds by different reducing agents (iron, sulfides, catalytic hydrogenation).