Custom synthesis

Custom and fine organic synthesis have been actively developing in the company since 2007.

At the initial stage of this direction the main customers were foreign companies.

A new stage of this direction started in 2014 due to the activity of Russian manufacturers in solving the problems of import substitution and searching for analogous substances and compounds which were previously imported (mainly from China and India).

Download presentation of custom synthesis and fine organic synthesis at SPS «EUROCHIM».

Key competitive advantages of SPS «EUROCHIM» in custom and fine organic synthesis:

1) developing synthesis according to the principles of technological, economic and implementation optimization;
2) developing analytical methods;
3) manufacturing products in batches up to 100 kg (for some products quantities up to tons are available);
4) developing and scaling up technologies for manufacturing products in various quantities, searching for production sites, supporting processes of implementation and production;
5) close contact of the project teams with the customer;
6) competitive prices and lead time in comparison with foreign suppliers;
7) modern laboratory (renovated in 2013);
8) customizing equipment and its parts to solve specific projects' and customers' problems;
9) the scientific staff consist of 50 employees with the opportunity to establish flexible project teams.

Key custom and fine organic synthesis areas of SPS «EUROCHIM»:

1) organic compounds with various functional groups and building blocks represented in the catalogue;

2) monomers, also included in the catalogue;
3) polymer compounds:
- monodisperse slightly cross-linked particles based on polystyrene and acrylic polymers;
- highly cross-linked polymer microspheres based on co-polymer styrene-divinylbenzene;
- particle modification.

SPS «EUROCHIM»’s clients include chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic companies, perfume manufacturers etc.

Please, note that SPS «EUROCHIM» do not produce drugs, toxic, psychotropic and other substances which are subject to legal prosecution.