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Description Corrosion inhibitor.
Regulatory information TU 2149-001-54330351-2014
Package pp-package upon customer’s requirements
Net weight

1. Application.

Provides effective and reliable protection from general and pitting acid corrosion; demonstrates high adsorption to metal surfaces; reduces general and pitting corrosion significantly.

Used to protect the equipment made of alloyed steels in the environment of aqueous solution of orthophosphoric acid in closed production cycles. The volume and rate of inhibitor feed to the cycle is calculated and adjusted to the production individually for each case, according to the technology process applied at the particular industry.

Applied as a corrosion inhibitor after cleaning and washing with alkaline solution, preparation for ground coating: apply the 1.0% solution of the inhibitor to the surface, keep for 2.0-3.0 minutes, and rinse with water. Then treat with greasing material or ground coating.

2. Safety.

Non-flammable. No fire or explosion hazard. Classified as caustic and(or) corrosive substance with acidic properties (8.1) under GOST 19433. Classified as 3 hazard class under GOST 12.1.007-76 for the effect on human body. Don’t drink. Avoid skin and eye contact. Always use personal protection equipment suitable for work with hot alkali: rubber gloves, glasses etc. In case of skin contact rinse with 3.0 % solution of sodium bicarbonate and wash thoroughly with water. In case of eye contact or swallow wash thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.

3. Utilization.

If the concentrated solution is accidentally spilled, neutralize it with 10.0 % solution of sodium or lime.

4. General physical and chemical properties.

Solution of mixture of metal salts in phosphoric acids of different condensation rates.




Green liquid

Orthophospate anions mass ratio, РО4, %, min


Polyphosphate anions mass ratio counted to anion P2O7, % min


Density at 20 оС, g/cm


Corrosion rate, mm/year, max


5. Storage.

Store in closed package of manufacturer at covered storage premises, avoiding direct sun and moisture at the temperature from +4.0 0С  to +25.0 0С, far from heating devices.

Warrantee period: 3 years from the day of manufacture if stored and handled according to the recommendations.

Application instruction

I. Cleaning.

The solution is applied to the contaminated surface with an acid-resistant brush, kept for 15.0-20.0 minutes and rinsed with water. In case of heavy organic deposits increase the time of exposure and further rinse with hot water. Then rinse with 1.0% solution of Eurocor.

II. Bleaching and passivization.

After washing with alkaline solutions treat metal items (surfaces) with 1.0% solution of Eurocor, keep for 1.0-2.0 minutes, and rinse with water.

III. Reducing corrosion in reactors.

Batched feed of the inhibitor to the reactors of complex organic synthesis in acidic environment. (Determined according to technical regulations of a particular industry).