Chemicals and rubbers

SPS «EUROCHIM» supply raw materials for rubber and tyre industries.

Our advantages as a supplier are:

  1. Wide range of products and its permanent upgrade according to the demand.
  2. Regular delivery.
  3. Competitive prices.
  4. Flexible conditions.

Following raw materials are supplied from the storage in Saint-Petersburg.

1. Synthetic rubbers:

- isoprene rubbers;
- butadiene rubbers;
- styrene-butadiene rubbers;
- butadiene-nitrile rubbers;
- butyl rubbers;
- ethylene-propilene-diene rubbers.

2. Natural rubbers.

3. Carbon black.

4. Components for rubber mixture production:

- vulcanizators;
- accelerators of vulcanization;
- antioxidants;
- decelerators of vulcanization;
- filling materials;
- plasticizers etc.

5. Petropolymeric tars.

6. Corrosion inhibitors of our own production.

7. Cleaners and lubricants of our own production.

Our customers include industrial rubber products manufacturers, chemical companies ets.