MTBE production technology

SPS EUROCHIM offers to develop the Basic Technology Package for plant design for the production of MTBE (ETBE, TAME), as well as to provide technical support on every stage of design, construction, startup and operation of the facility.

Our technology offers the following advantages:

1) Simplicity of design and use of the standard process equipment.
2) Use of widely commercially available catalyst (macroporous strongly acidic ion-exchange resin).
3) Flexible plant capacity.
4) high isobutylene conversion – up to 94%.
5) Wide range of suitable feedstocks (acceptable content of isobutylene from 15 to 90 wt%).
6) Over 10 years of successful operational experience at OJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and OJSC TAIF-NK.

Quality of the products meets the requirements of the national regulatory documents.

Presentation of MTBE production technology.