Phenol tar thermocracking process

SPS EUROCHIM has developed the technology for thermal cracking (pyrolysis) of phenol tar - a byproduct of phenol-acetone production process. Our technology allows to lower the usage of key raw material (cumene) in phenol production, to reduce the generation of phenol tar, and to produce  valuable products, such as alpha-methylstyrene and acetophenone.

The technology of thermal cracking of phenol tar is commercialized at the 300,000 tpy phenol production plant at SABIC Innovative Plastics US LLC (Mount-Vernon, IN, USA).

The key advantages of the technology are:

1. 40-50% drop in hazardous waste generation in phenol-acetone production process.
2. Increased yields of valuable products: phenol, cumene, AMS, acetophenone (up to 500 kg from 1 ton of phenol tar).
3. Production of distilled acetophenone.