Scientific and technical services

R&D and scientific technology have always been the leading direction of work for SPS «EUROCHIM». In the team of employees there are highly qualified professionals, PhDs and Doctors of Sciences. 

The key priorities in this sphere are:

1) environmental safety of production processes and reduction of hazardous influence on the environment;
2) decrease of raw materials consumption;
3) energy saving and decrease of energy consumption;
4) increasing depth of refining of by-products for chemical and petrochemical industries;
5) improving the quality of the final products. 

The current projects of SPS «EUROCHIM» for technology development for industrial manufacture of petrochemical products include:

1) technology of liquid-phase synthesis of isoprene, used for production of isoprene rubber;
2) synthesis of phenol and acetone, bisphenol-A;
3) production of antiseptics – boric ethers based on by-products of isoprene production;
4) production of oxygenate additives for motor fuels (MTBE, ETBE);
5) technologies for refining and decomposition of by-products of various petrochemical industries, such as production of phenol and acetone, isoprene production, BPA production etc.;
6) product analysis;
7) design and development of the equipment. 

Experimental base of SPS «EUROCHIM» is supplied with all the necessary equipment and allows to build laboratory experimental installations, working in wide range of temperatures and pressures for modeling chemical processes, testing catalysts, analyzing products and performing other tasks related to scientific and technology research.