Commercial real estate

SPS «EUROCHIM» own a number of industrial and office venues and offers rental services for office and industrial premises, storage venues and lands, as well as offers complex storage and logistic services, including:

- safekeeping of goods;
- handling of goods;
- packing;
- palletizing;
- transportation;
- custom clearance of cargos;
- inventory control for business customers.

Managing estate objects during the whole period of the Company’s operation, SPS «EUROCHIM» act as an experienced and responsible lease provider, which builds and keeps long-term partnership with the lease holders.

The rental objects of the group of companies are located at the following addresses:

1. Mitrofanievskoe rd., 6А.
2. Zheleznodorozhny pr., 40.
3. Zheleznodorozhny pr., 45.
4. Desantnikov str.
5. Spassky lane.
6. Obvodnogo kanala emb., 120, 122, 124.