The main direction of activity for SPS «EUROCHIM» since its foundation has been scientific and technical research, related to R&D and technology developments in petrochemical industry:

1) Isoprene synthesis, which has become the platform for the company development: the patented technology of liquid-phase synthesis of isoprene from isobutylene and formaldehyde is applied in the production process on Russian enterprises;
2) Synthesis of phenol and acetone, bisphenol-A;
3) Refining of by-products of petrochemical industries with formation of target and source products;
4) Fine organic custom synthesis;
5) Preparing reports and conducting marketing researches on markets, products and technologies in petrochemistry.

Own production of SPS «EUROCHIM» includes the following products:

1) Catalysts for refining high-boiling by-products of various industries;
2) «EUROCOR» corrosion inhibitor for equipment made of alloyed steels in the environments of aqueous solutions of orthophosphoric acid;
3) Cleaning solutions for surfaces (metals, polymer coatings) from various contaminations («EUROCLEAN», «AKS», «Rustinol», «Aquabor»);
4) Chemical raw materials: Titanium white М30-25, Titanium white TIK-80, barium titanate, calcium silicate (meta), sports magnesium, white chalk, talc etc.

Besides, SPS «EUROCHIM» develop of solutions for cleaning surfaces (metals, polymer coatings) from various contamination and offers cleaning services.

Commercial operations of SPS «EUROCHIM» include:

1) Chemical products trade, including synthetic rubbers;
2) Automotive tyre and disk trade;
3) Rental and management services for commercial estate.

SPS «EUROCHIM»’s partners are such large and well-known companies as:

1) In scientific and technological activity: OJSC «Nizhnekamskneftekhim», OJSC «SIBUR Holding», OJSC «Metafraks», SABIC Innovative Plastics US LLC etc.;
2) In tyre and disk trade: SUE «Passazhiravtotrans», SUE «Gorelektrotrans», SUE «Vodokanal Sankt-Petersburg», OJSC «Lenenergo», hypermarket chain «Lenta» etc.;
3) In researches and reports: «EKTOS» Group of companies, OJSC «Metafraks» etc.