The principal field of work of SPS EUROCHIM since its founding had been R&D and technology development for the global petrochemical industry. Current project and offer portfolio includes:

1) Innovative and fully IP-protected liquid-phase synthesis of monomer quality isoprene from isobutylene and formaldehyde with significant economic advantages over the peer processes (commercialized);
2) Phenol-acetone process (+Bisphenol-A) (commercialized);
3) Value-adding catalytic processing of heavy-boiling side streams of multiple petrochemical processes (commercialized);
4) Custom synthesis of organic chemicals on the bench and kilo lab scale;
5) Custom literature reviews and market reports in the petrochemical field.

Own production of SPS EUROCHIM includes the following products:

1) Catalysts for the processing of heavy-boiling side streams;
2) EUROCOR specialty corrosion inhibitor for steel protection against corrosion by H3PO4 solutions in severe service conditions;
3) Contaminant-specific cleaning solutions for solid surfaces: EUROCLEAN, AKS, Rustinol, Aquabor;
4) Chemicals: Titanium dioxide pigments, barium titanate, calcium silicate (meta), gym chalk (magnesium carbonate), white chalk, talc, etc.

In addition, we develop customized cleaning solutions for solid surfaces, and offer cleaning services to the customers.

Commercial operations of SPS EUROCHIM include:

1) Chemical products trade, including synthetic rubber;
2) Automotive tyre and rim trade;
3) Rental and management services for commercial real estate.

SPS EUROCHIM’s partners are such large and well-known companies as:

1) R&D and technology development: OJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim, OJSC SIBUR Holdings, OJSC Metafraks, SABIC Innovative Plastics US LLC etc.;
2) Tyre and rim trade: SUE Passazhiravtotrans, SUE Gorelektrotrans, SUE Vodokanal Sankt-Petersburg, OJSC Lenenergo, hypermarket chain Lenta etc.;
3) Reviews and reports: EKTOS Group of companies, OJSC Metafraks etc.